Jan Kent

Expanding Human and Organizational Potential – Worldwide

We are convinced that there is a correlation between productivity, self-esteem, and bottom line. Our focus is therefore on helping organizations and companies to create a culture and structure that facilitate the individual’s development of good self-esteem. At Petrina & Partners, we are a number of experienced engineers, economists, military officers, hockey coaches, and behavioral scientists who share this common belief.

We aim to be a long-term strategic partner with a sustainable approach. By sustainable we mean sustainable from an economical, environmental as well as community perspective.

Integral leadership

Develop your leadership through our integral leadership development programs! There is a link between productivity, self-esteem and the bottom line result. Long-term successful organizations can be created through strategic and systematic support of individual development of good self-esteem. Our Integral Leadership Development program over eight days helps leaders understand the interaction between organizational goals, individual development, culture and systems.

Do you want to do a MAX? We can help you “ÖPPNA DÖRREN”.

Petrina & Partners is responsible for all consultancy services relating to leadership and organizational development within Max. We have also implemented the EU-funded pilot study “Öppna Dörren” which you can order free from us.